You know what we need in this product? A.I.

[Disclaimer: GM at Shopify, Brandon Chu, writes a fantastic article introducing the principle of time value of shipping here that I highly recommend digging into. I’ve drawn inspiration from his content and provide a 4-point perspective to this principle.]

The term ‘Minimum Viable Product’ gets a pretty bad rap nowadays, and understandably so. It carries significant negative baggage for a lot of people, and is often used as a crutch to defend against scope creep and cost overruns. …

If you like issue trees, acronyms such as MECE, and the 80/20 Pareto Principle, you’ll probably enjoy reading this.

Prioritization, the ability to allocate time to the most important activities, is the single most important tool that a product manager needs to wield effectively. Effective prioritization is what allows you to move up the product value curve efficiently in a logarithmic shape (see time value of shipping article here). Ineffective prioritization causes you to build and ship the wrong product.

However, it’s deceptively easy to use this lever in a callused and biased way, causing us to dedicate our time…

Matthew Lam

Senior Product Manager @ Udacity. I like climbing things, and watching depressing documentaries.

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